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At QualHive, we are the voice of Mauritius Training providers. We design qualifications that suit the Mauritius Market and negotiate the best price that suits our standard of living. Introducing NOCN in Mauritius, we are bringing substantial price cut to international fees.

Centre Recognition - £750

(other countries pay £1500)

NOCN has over 2000 centres world-wide. To deliver NOCN qualifications you have to become an approved NOCN Centre. NOCN Recognised Centres must work to high quality standards and have effective quality management systems and processes in place to underpin delivery of NOCN units and qualifications. Recognised Centres are monitored on a regular basis by QualHive against the Centre Agreement, NOCN policies and procedures, and the requirements set out in the NOCN Centre Handbook.


Recognised Centres are required to have:

  • Robust assessment practices, Internal Quality Assurance and standardisation which support External Verification

  • Appropriate staffing, resources, management and administrative arrangements, polices and procedures


QualHive also support centres in developing a Quality Assurance System which works for them and we can provide guidance and templates to help. Essentially we require centres to have a system which is appropriate for them, which meets NOCN requirements and that there is evidence that the system has been implemented effectively. QualHive also works with centres to identify opportunities for quality improvement in order to achieve Direct Claims Status. By working closely with our centres to ensure high quality provision and robust Quality Assurance Systems, we add to the value and confidence of NOCN certificates.

NOCN Qualification - 20% off National fees - No International fees

NOCN offers arguably the broadest range of qualifications and alternative routes for both experienced workers and new entrants to the jobs market. From Entry Level to Level 7 and including everything from ‘skills for life' topics, apprenticeships, management and Functional Skills English and Maths, we advance careers and open doors to new opportunities.


NOCN qualifications are flexible and responsive to learner needs and credit based, consisting of individual units of assessment, each with an assigned level and credit value attached. Learners who demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes of a specified unit are awarded credits and can collect/accumulate these over time towards the achievement of a full qualification.

Standard method: Register learners for an accredited course to achieve a full qualification or unit. Centres are invoiced per learner at the time of registration for that level of achievement. This is the simplest and most common method to register learners. Mauritius Centres will not pay any VAT.

Qualifications with great prices

OCN NI Qualifications

MQA registration  - Free consultation

As part of your centre recognition we will guide you in your MQA registration. However, as per MQA regulations, the centre will have to bear full  responsibility of their applications towards the authority.

No Annual Fees*

Recognised Centres pay the Fee to facilitate the provision of a range of services. If qualification and unit sales in the prior year total more than £3,000 then the fee is waived. Otherwise a charge of £750 is applied on the centre anniversary