Become a Centre

QualHive and our partner Awarding Bodies refers to “Centres” to describe the organisations we work with. A Centre is an organisation undertaking the delivery of an assessment (and potentially other activities) to Learners on behalf of an awarding organisation. Centres are typically educational institutions, training providers, or employers been allowed to operate by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority.

Centres are the organisations that use Qualifications and/or Endorsed Courses from our partner Awarding Bodies. We work with a wide variety of organisations.

To deliver our qualifications you have to become an approved NOCN Centre. Complete the online enquiry form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements. If recommended for approval you will go through a formal centre recognition process. A member of the QualHive team will visit your centre. We have a transparent and competitive tariff and we do not charge VAT.


Having the recognition from a leading Awarding Organisation such as NOCN group can provide your organisation with countless opportunities to enhance the educational needs of the learners around you. Our Qualifications and Endorsed Courses can meet the needs of your entire community.

Centre Recognition - £750

(other countries pay £1500)

Quality Assurance


Recognised NOCN centres must have quality management systems in place which support the delivery of our Qualifications and Endorsed Courses. These systems should be designed to meet the specific requirements of your centre. Guidance and support is provided to ensure your quality assurance system successfully enables you to manage the risk within your centre.


There are a few key aspects which every quality management system must entail:

  • Internal Verification

  • Assessment Practice

  • Standardisation


QualHive provides training in each of these areas to ensure your quality assurance system fits with best practice protocols.